Faysal Bank ebanking Services in Pakistan

Banking by Editorial Staff (May 20, 07:32 AM)

Faysal Bank Pakistan is offering wide range of services including e-banking & internet banking, credit card facility, branchless banking and great deal of customer hospitality, particularly the internet banking services allow to deal your banking activates perfectly from your home and office simultaneously.

Faysal bank started its banking operations in the year 1987 first time in Pakistan, initially bank started commenced its business in Pakistan and its name was Faysal Islamic Bank Bahrain.

faysal bank credit card

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After successful operations bank developed its investment portfolio in the year 2002 with the name of Faysal Investment Bank Limited and gained tremendous reputation.

Faysal bank Pakistan credit card service is very popular and importantly the Solitaire Platinum Debit card is the excellent product with the acceptability of worldwide your account including 29 million merchants and approximately 1 million Visa ATM globally.

Faysal bank is offering state of the art services like 240 ATM installments all over the Pakistan and selective ATM facility also to take your cash easily.

Now it possible for the customers to pay their utility bills, mobile bill payments simply from ATM cards, if mobile banking option availed the customer so made your payments.

Easily transfer your money within the Faysal bank and other banks also by Intra Bank Fund Transfer over 30 1link banks from your mobile banking network and ATM automated teller machine.

The customer care departments is dedicated to provide customer services 24/7

Customers of bank can also avail the facility of eStatement to receive it frequent time frames as per requested time frame of customer in the inbox.

Importantly updates customers can receive like SMS alert service on your mobile or cell phone about your account transactions and Faysal bank credit card transactions.

Customers can contact to customer service center by dialing 111-06-06-06

faisal bank

Balance and account inquiry
Bill payments
Card activations and lost or stolen flagging (Credit Card & Debit)
PIN generation and change
Internal funds transfer
Complaint logging and status
Pay order request and stop payments
Sign up online e-banking services (SMS Alerts, Mobile Banking, e-Statements)


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shah jehan
shah jehan July 25, 08:18 AM

I tried my best to have facility of mobile banking I forgot my t pin.with dozens of efforts,tried on phone.the fast and rough attitude of call attendant is not tolerable.today I again tried but no fruitful result.I told the attendant that I may close may account.the reply was that you can do the same by visiting the BANK.ON THE OTHER SIDE I CONTACTED ANOTHER BANK THE PROBLEM WAS SOLVED BY CALLING ME BACK BY THE BANK AND SOME CONFIRMATION.LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE.ONE IS NOT LISTENING THE OTHER IS CALLING BACK TILL PROBLEM IS SOLVED

Hassan Raza Shah
Hassan Raza Shah July 19, 06:40 AM

dear Sir!
this is for your information.i want to start e-banking. i live in saudi Arabia.and i have Faisal bank current account already.please tell me how can i start E banking and update about my transaction.i will wait for your prompt response

Many Thanks
Hassan Shah

44444444 June 15, 04:43 AM


20250528 June 15, 04:35 AM



internet banking is very useful because we check any transation of our accounts

Najam uz zaman
Najam uz zaman May 25, 05:48 PM

I want to check my account balance

saba tabassum
saba tabassum January 26, 09:03 PM

Hi, I am using ur BTF and paying off from Karachi.. but since 2 months I couldn't make payments as im in Canada. . Kindly activate my e statment n let me know the possibility of my BTF payment from Canada. Kindly do it urgently..

muhammed aamir paracha
muhammed aamir paracha July 10, 02:52 AM

hi i want activate e banking my self,how can i activate...?

Imran ch
Imran ch January 05, 07:51 PM

i want to transfer funds through net banking (UBL) in your customer account faysal bank but unfortunately the account no that i entered concerreded as a not valid account. even though i entered the account no and branch code correct digits please help me to solve this probulm.

rana omer farooq
rana omer farooq January 03, 03:11 AM

i want to transfer funds through net banking (UBL) in your customer account faysal bank but unfortunately the account no that i entered concerreded as a not valid account. even though i entered the account no and branch code correct digits please help me to solve this probulm.

shafquat Ali
shafquat Ali November 04, 08:31 AM

Hi, I have faysal bank credit card. So, I want to check my credit card account online statement / payments etc. Kindly help me in this regards.


Shafquat ALi

Murtaza wasi Ahmed
Murtaza wasi Ahmed September 20, 03:21 AM

i have account in faysal bank account title Eastern Courier Service and use mobit account can i get pin code via e mail

sfh August 22, 01:20 AM

If someone had an account in USDollars and want to withdraw through internet bnking facility, should he transfer the eqv. Rupees to his PKR account first and then transfer to somebody's account. In this case should he sell dollars to the bank with their existing buying rate...... and so. please reply.

sara July 28, 11:50 AM

yar koi 5 lac da qarza e de devo koi choti moti car e le lavei

Muhammad Akram
Muhammad Akram July 26, 05:53 AM

I am using a btf account since more then six mont. now I am at Qatar and want to operate my from here with my new contact no 0097455902092. I will deposit my minimum payments and transfer of funds from here. please guide me in this regard. thanks

Habib ur Rehman
Habib ur Rehman July 25, 01:36 AM

I want to use mobit but I do not like going thru help line.Can I get the pin code via email

Maqbool Siddiqui
Maqbool Siddiqui July 19, 06:56 AM

I had exactly opposit experience, rather I have been banking with. Citibank and other multinational banks, however I must say that they give extra ordinary services and went extra mile today. I am highly impressed!!

Ali July 12, 01:52 AM

Same story as they did with me I applied for a credit card and they even visited my work place and meeted the referral persons as well. I provided them all the documents but at the end they rejected my application.

Dr. Muhammad Masoom Pahore
Dr. Muhammad Masoom Pahore July 01, 04:22 AM

I applied for Credit Card of Faysal Bank about 1 month ago. They conducted all verification and yet did not respond. Finally, the Bank out rightly rejected my application on the ground of non availability of documents. I am a regular Assistant Professor at NUST University and working in Pakistan for more than 10 years on various positions of Assistant Professor, Deputy Director and Assistant Director. I have complete salary details which could be verified easily. I submitted my last pay slips. Yet, I failed to understand the reasons for out right rejection. The Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, if he has moral courage, to come forward to submit his apology and get settled a simple issue within few days time. I am not hopeful of that solution, because I am convinced that the inefficiency of the CEO of the Bank will not allow him to do so. I am registering my complaint to keep the records straight.

Syed Safdar Ali
Syed Safdar Ali June 26, 05:31 AM

I have visited Faysal bank shahrah - e- faisal ( Faisal house ) on 26th June 2013 to drawn some cash. The tocken no. was 97 and time mentioned on tocken was 1:16:57 . The serving tocken no at the coutner was 90 at that time . It took more then 25 mimutes to reach tocken # 92, I understand it was a lunch hour and it seems every body is reluctant to work.
I have contacted to the manager and requested to speed up tansaction as I have to come to to office to attain a meeting. but unfortunatley he doent want to listen and referred to a junier office they have not give me the complaint form instead suggested to lodge complaint on net. they have sounded very unprofessional and it was overal an bad experience.

Hasan August 25, 01:53 AM

My daughter is living in Bahrain and maintaing her Account in Ithmar Bank, can she transfer money on line to Faysal Bank Karachi without any charges.

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